American Society of Cannabis Medicine Board of Regents Member Dr. Annabelle Manalo Addresses Pharmacy Leaders

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Dr. Annabelle Manalo on Wednesday and Today met over 400 members of the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin including each of its board members of the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin. The former Vanderbilt professor addressed the pharmacists at their meeting in Madison, WI in her presentation “Implementing Medical Cannabis into Modern Medicine.”

“We made tremendous progress,” said Dr. Manalo, who serves on the Board of Regents of the American Society of Cannabis Medicine. “But now we need to focus on understanding the cannabinoid mechanisms in order to be able to implement proper medications into treatment regimes. Pharmacists want standardizations and stressed their acceptance of plant-based medicines as long as they knew it would be safe for their patients.”

Treated conventionally, Dr. Manalo’s son ultimately underwent surgery that removed 38 percent of his brain, prompting the developmental biologist to research what she had been hearing about the healing properties of cannabis. The regime she tailored especially for her son succeeded in bringing him back to a fully-enabled life.

PSW’s CEO, Chris Decker, commented: “Having Dr. Manalo present to this significant conference for Wisconsinpharmacy professionals was inspirational and foundational in our learning and advancement of the application of CBD oil with other treatment modalities to gain the best result for persons who may benefit.  It is time for the development and promotion of national standards for CBD production and use. The United States Pharmacopeia, Dr. Manalo and ASCM can be a leading authority to meet that need.”

“As an organization dedicated to safe medical cannabis use, we fully support development of national standards in medical cannabis and encourage USP and other organizations to join us in this critical effort,” said Garnett Meador, Executive Director of ASCM. “Across the country, from state to state, we’re seeing medical professionals open up to the new possibilities presented by responsible and safe use of cannabis. The anecdotal and the scientific evidence have now reached critical mass, providing an empirical basis for a sensible approach with cannabis-related laws which put safety of the patient first.”

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SOURCE American Society of Cannabis Medicine