KALY Calls for Partners on Patented Technology and Potential COVID-19 Treatment


Dallas, Texas–(Newsfile Corp. – July 16, 2020) – Kali-Extracts, Inc. (OTC Pink: KALY) (Kali, Inc. dba/Kali-Extracts, Inc.) (“KALY”) today issued a call for potential partners that could contribute to the acceleration of evaluating and developing KALY’s proprietary CBD formulation developed for the treatment of symptoms associated with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and other similar respiratory conditions. Researchers believe the CBD formulation could be effective in the treatment of symptoms resulting from COVID-19.

The formulation for the treatment of symptoms associated with COPD and other similar respiratory conditions has been derived from the company’s U.S. Patented Cannabis Extraction Process. As detailed in a recently published research study (Journal of Cannabis Research) the KALY U.S. Patented CBD extract provides significant anti-inflammatory responses in vitro. The next phase of research is now moving forward in preclinical in vivo research to expand evaluation of the effects on lung function, total body distribution, whole body clearance of the extract and dosage evaluations for maximal efficacy.

Researchers working on the KALY formulation made the following statement:

“In cultured human lung cells, treatment with NCMB-1 increased the expression of anti-inflammatory genes and decreased expression of inflammatory genes 2 to 4 fold above untreated cells. This remarkable finding provided new and exciting information that NCMB-1 may be an important treatment for any patient suffering from decreased lung functions. This finding led to our investment in studying conscious, nonhuman primates (Vervet Monkeys) with induced lung fibrosis. NCMB-1 treatment twice per day at a 5 fold dilution of extract for only 2 weeks increased ventilation by decreasing lung bronchiolar resistance to air flow by approximately 200% with no adverse side effects. This remarkable increase in lung function likely resulted from decreased inflammation of lung airways which is one of the major medical problems induced by COVID-19 infection. While NCMB-1 will not cure a COVID-19 infection, it will likely increase ventilation serve as an important treatment for acute respiratory distress allowing the maintenance of ventilation so that normal immune functions and anti-viral treatments to limit the viral infection and spread. Thus, NCMB-1 would provide life-saving short and/or long-term benefits in the treatment of pulmonary dysfunction during an acute COVID-19 infection.”

KALY has filed a new patent application specifically on its CBD formulation for symptoms associated with COPD and other similar respiratory conditions. KALY has also filed for a trademark on the name RespRx as the brand name for its CBD formulation to treat the symptoms associated with COPD and other similar respiratory conditions that result from respiratory inflammation.

KALY management states that the company is just not capitalized at this stage to independently accelerate its research in a timeframe to independently impact the current crisis and is now looking to accelerate potential partnerships.

To learn more about RespRx, visit https://www.resprx.com/

Follow further developments at. https://www.kali-extracts.com/

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