Gaensel Energy Group, Inc. (GEGR) Purchases Major Interest in a Revolutionary Green Energy New Battery Patent Holder, Protonstar SAGL for $20 Million


Salt Lake City, Utah–(Newsfile Corp. – December 20, 2021) – Gaensel Energy Group, Inc., (OTC Pink: GEGR) (“Gaensel” or the “Company”), a diversified holding company with assets in Biotech and other different industries, is pleased to announce its agreement to acquire 30% of Protonstar SAGL, a Swiss Research & Development and trade of technological devices company in the energy sector, including its Patent. PCT/IB2018/051315. Protonstar holds the patent on the “Protonstar Battery System, which is a “Hydrogen Nickel based energy storage system.” The storage system is a revolutionary new kind of battery that hopes to disrupt in the energy market and provide pollution free energy for both the commercial and retail markets.

Currently in the development stage, the battery itself, as describe by the company, is an, “Energy storage system composed of an electric generator, an electrochemical cell inside which an insulating substrate is inserted and onto which a nickel matrix is deposited, the roughness of which has a peak of about 5nm.”

The system is able to store energy in the nanometrically deposited Nickel matrix on an alumina support.

The differences between the new Protonstar Battery System as compared to currently available technology is:

  • Not chemically based
  • Not Lithium based
  • Has theoretically unlimited charge/discharge cycles
  • Battery lifespan subject to electronics controls circuits
  • The charge-discharge math model and loss is different from the L-ion battery technology because in the L-ion battery the terms I2 is dominant at high current, in Protonstar Battery System it is linear with I;
  • It means that the loss is I times better than the L-ion tech.

At a fast charge/discharge mode the efficiency degree respect equivalent L-ion based technology increases drastically.

This is a huge step in the worldwide race and transition from fossil fuels to newer, safer and more reliable sources of energy for the planet. As climate change and an increasing world population currently drives the progress of renewables, this new partnership hopes to lead the way to the next trend of the energy market.

The initiative comes as the global electricity sector is clamoring for grid-storage solutions. The rise of intermittent renewables like solar and wind is driving a need for systems that can absorb excess power supplies and discharge them at a moment’s notice, to match the ebb and flow of power demand. By 2030, the global energy storage market could see a five-fold increase, from 800 gigawatt-hours today to as much as 4,000 gigawatt-hours, according to the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (The figures include both stationary storage installations and transportation applications, such as electric vehicle batteries).

At the same time, green hydrogen is gaining favor as a way to clean up long-distance transportation, chemical manufacturing, aviation, and other sectors that are difficult to electrify. Estimates for green hydrogen growth vary widely, and there’s little consensus as to what demand might look like in coming decades, Canary Media recently reported. However, the Hydrogen Council said it expects green hydrogen production to reach nearly 550 million metric tons by 2050-a significant jump from the roughly 0.36 million metric tons produced in 2019.

Peter Koley, the Chief Financial Officer for Gaensel Energy, states: “This new important acquisition represents for our Group an increased investment in the global much needed renewable energy technology and is also a major step for Gaensel Energy Group to start a process of identifying the best return on investment and focus the energies of our group in this space.”

About Gaensel Energy Group, Inc. (OTC Pink: GEGR):

Gaensel Energy Group asset base currently consists of proven companies in Biotech, Commodities, Health, Beauty – Fashion, Green and Renewable Energy, and Technology. The management teams for each of these divisions are actively seeking similar partners in each space for expansion and additional acquisitions. We have been listed on the United States OTC Markets since 2002 and the Company is current. Our current private placement offering:

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PROTONSTAR Sagl, Lugano, Switzerland, founded in 2015 is a Research & development company, specializing in trade of technological devices in the energy sector who patented their Nickel Based Energy Storage System.

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