Believing These 5 Myths About Delta 8 Gummies Will Keep You From Growing


GLENDALE, Calif., Sept. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cannabis products like Delta 8 Gummies often attract a lot of bad attention on the internet. But they are beneficial from a medicinal side, not just for recreational purposes. So, it is important to separate the myths from the truth and understand the products as they are. Delta 8 gummies are neither illegal nor are they dangerous, thus should be consumed if needed and wanted. It is also important to get the product from a reputed site to make sure the quality has not been tampered with.

Cannabinoid products like Delta 8 gummies have become especially popular these days, and more people everywhere are coming to terms with their usefulness. But there are still many misconceptions in the market, and these myths work to shield the real truth. So, to understand the real benefits of consuming cannabis products, it is necessary to understand them and debunk the myths that hover around the internet. 

It is necessary to understand that the hemp plant consists of as many as 113 cannabinoids. But not all of them are extracted to make the cannabis products available on the market. The variants Delta 8, Delta 9, and Delta 10 are the only few of which vapes, oils, gummies, and flowers are made of. The Delta 8 Gummies are the most popular ones available in the market, and the ones users are most familiar with. These gummies comprise Delta 8 THC and are made so that they are per the law. 

Delta 8 THC Effects:

Consuming Delta 8 Gummies offer the human body many different benefits. And one of the best things they do is to make sure the user has a good night’s sleep. Getting high-quality Delta 8 gummies is a necessity though, to make sure the subsequent experience is not subpar. Buying gummies from reputed stores like BudPop ensures this excellent user experience. As the website makes its customers known; “Delta-8 THC affects the endocannabinoid system, which regulates a multitude of your body’s functions, including sleep. Delta-8 gummies can make you feel relaxed and ready for bed, but they also will not leave you feeling groggy or out of it the next day.” 

But there are many myths to be found on the internet, stopping people in need from actually trying out these Delta 8 Gummies. Because these compounds are not just for recreational purposes, but for medicinal as well. So, the general census must know about the real truth instead of the misconceptions. Here are 5 such myths and against them are the real truths-

  1. Delta 8 Gummies Are Illegal

    When people refer to Delta 8 THC, they say it’s a cannabis product and thus naturally assume it’s illegal. But that is wrong because legally, according to the 2018 Farm Bill, the farming, production, and use of hemp are indeed legal. As long as the gummies contain less than 0.3% THC Delta 8 is completely fine, provided it is extracted from the hemp plant. Reputed sites like BudPop make sure that their products are lab tested and well within the legal range. 

  2. Delta 8 Is Dangerous

    This particular myth has made its way around because people consider the unknown to be dangerous. However, there is little proof to back up this sentence. There are a few side effects like typical cottonmouth, red eyes, and short-term memory impairment, but they are neither permanent nor something to worry about. A study conducted on the uses of cannabis proved that it is no more dangerous than other activities like smoking, drinking, or eating fried food. 

  3. All THC Products Are The Same

    For the novice, Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol might sound and look just the same as delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, but there are core differences present. There are similarities in them as well, as both of these interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). But the difference is Delta 9 has an affinity for the receptor CB1. Thus, consuming Delta 9 gummies causes psychoactive effects. Delta 8 however prefers the CB2 receptor, making it less psychoactive and more relaxing in nature.

  4. Delta 8 Gummies Are Addictive

    The side of the internet which proclaims just how addictive consuming Delta 8 is are untrue. Any habit can become an addiction if not dealt with responsibly, but it should be understood that Delta 8 is not inherently addictive. Humans often tend to look for an escape from their daily struggles, and thus might find solace in the escape offered by these cannabinoids. But it is important to remember that these external stimulations have no solutions. In the end, Delta 8 is just a compound to be used with discretion.

  5. Delta 8 & Spice Are The Same Thing

    Spice or K2 is a synthetic weed, whereas Delta 8 THC occurs in nature within the plant itself. The compounds used to make K2 have nothing in common with Delta 8. Both of these compounds may bind to the same reactor but they are not structurally the same. Not to mention, while Delta 8 is harmless, Spice is not lab-tested, nor is it natural and thus might be dangerous. Spice is also addictive in nature and may cause hallucinations. 

Thus, it is proved that not everything available on the internet is true. So, it is always advised to know the details of a product from reputed and trusted sources before consuming it. Products like Delta 8 gummies should always be availed from trusted places that inform their users about every step of the manufacturing process.

About BudPop

BudPop is a site that mainly focuses on the distribution of high-quality hemp-based products that people can trust. As seen in newspapers like LA Weekly and Forbes, the main task of this company is to make sure the gaps in the quality of products available are filled, and users everywhere have the exact knowledge of them. Their Delta 8 Gummies are by far the best cannabinoids on the market.

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