BioHarvest Sciences Contributing VINIA to NFL Training Camp Preparation


  • VINIA will be provided to over 140 NFL athletes preparing for the 2023 NFL Season
  • Five House of Athlete Combine Trainees are heading into the 2023 NFL Draft as members of “Team VINIA”
  • Bioharvest Sciences looks to make an impact by educating athletes and fans on the importance of heart health

Vancouver, British Columbia and Rehovot, Israel–(Newsfile Corp. – April 27, 2023) – BioHarvest Sciences Inc. (CSE: BHSC) (OTCQB: CNVCF) (“BioHarvest” or the “company”) has announced that its VINIA partnership with House of Athlete trainer Yo Murphy has resulted in several of his high-profile players entering the NFL draft as members of “Team VINIA.” The red grape-based supplement has also been selected by multiple Sports Agent firms who manage top NFL players and will be included in the NFL pre-season training regimens of over 140 NFL athletes.

“Having VINIA included in over 140 NFL training camp boxes is part of our initiative to educate athletes on the importance of heart health and blood flow,” said CEO Ilan Sobel. “This is an excellent opportunity to let the players feel the benefits of VINIA, and we look forward to expanding our involvement with high-performance athletes and making a positive impact on their health.”

BioHarvest will be working with five NFL prospects participating in the draft which begins April 27; a roster it expects to expand: Princeton’s Andrei Iosivas, Tre Tucker and Tyler Scott from the Cincinnati Bear Cats, Silas Dzansi from Virginia Tech, and Deuce Vaughn from Kansas State. “The BioHarvest team is following Tre, Tyler, Deuce, Silas and Andrei closely, and we are rooting for them through this hectic draft season and this next phase of their athletic careers,” Sobel said.

Heart health has become a major focus in sports, and BioHarvest aims to place itself at the center of this heart health conversation, showing that VINIA is the missing link to a well-balanced diet, supplement, and fitness plan.

For athletes seeking better results on and off the field, VINIA has clinically shown to significantly increase dilation of arteries. This increased dilation improves blood flow resulting in increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells, tissues and organs, and removal of cellular waste and toxins.

“As a fifty-year old NFL agent, an integral component of my ability to relate to my clientele is health and wellness,” said Eugene Lee, one of the agents working with VINIA. “I noticed a significant increase in my energy levels and mental acuity within a few days of adding VINIA to my daily regimen.”

“With a history of heart disease in my family, it’s critical I train regularly, eat the right foods, and maintain ideal weight,” said Lee, who is CEO and Managing Director of 3 Strand Sports & Entertainment. “VINIA aligns perfectly with my dietary routine, so I’ll be starting each day with a hot coffee and a VINIA!”

NFL veteran Yo Murphy, the VP of Performance at House of Athlete, has been an integral part of introducing aspiring NFL athletes to the importance of heart health and blood flow.

Our goal at HOA is to help our athletes find that 1-2% increase in performance, and sometimes it’s the smallest thing that has the biggest impact,” said Murphy, a wide receiver who played in the 2001 Super Bowl with the St. Louis Rams. “We added VINIA to our training program this year and our guys are feeling better and recovering faster. I personally take VINIA and have felt the difference as well.”

About BioHarvest Sciences

BioHarvest Sciences Inc. (CSE: BHSC) is a fast-growing Biotech firm listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange. BioHarvest has developed a patented bio-cell growth platform technology capable of growing the active and beneficial ingredients in fruit and plants, at industrial scale, without the need to grow the plant itself. BioHarvest is currently focused on leveraging its botanical synthesis technology to develop the next generation of science-based and clinically proven therapeutic solutions, within two major business verticals – nutraceutical health and wellness products such as dietary supplements, and development of plant cell-based Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) that focus on specific medical indications.

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