Global Technology Innovator Danny Manu Joins Quanta Networks Inc.

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    Danny Manu, most famous for inventing Mymanu CLIK wireless earbuds, will join Canadian-based Quanta Networks Inc. as Global Technology Engineer.

    Quanta Networks has created the first fully decentralized Blockchain compliant communications system. Quanta enables “facility free” networks – mobile devices form their own networks without the need for cell towers.

    “I’m impressed with such a revolutionary idea from Quanta Networks. As an innovator, I’m really excited to be part of such a project to develop a solution to improve people’s lives,” said Danny Manu.

    Quanta Networks offers global security and privacy for personal and commercial transactions over mobile. The security restricts the ability for unwanted callers, messages, emails and location services to intrude upon your privacy.

    “Danny Manu is key to support our mission of a totally secure, global mobile solution”  said Marc Hurst, President & Managing Director of Quanta Networks Inc. “He brings engineering and international product commercialization experience to our team.”

    Manu is the company’s first executive advisor engagement outside of North America and signals the support Quanta Networks has in the tech community for its ground-breaking solution. Rapid progress on roadmap milestones are expected in the coming months.

    Quanta Networks is a telecommunication company based in Ontario, Canada. Founded in 2017, the company’s mission is to solve global telecom security and data issues affecting five billion mobile users worldwide.

    Danny Manu invented Mymanu CLIK, the world’s first truly wireless earbuds and a live voice translation system. Prior, he worked for many years as a music producer with top global musicians producing hits reaching the top 10 charts. He then joined one of the world’s leading aerospace engineering companies as an Aerospace Engineer and Product Developer. His international work combines his passion for music, programming, technology and innovation.


    SOURCE Quanta Networks Inc.