Centric Software Supercharges Innovation with Centric 8 PLM v6.6

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    Newest release introduces automations to drive productivity

    CAMPBELL, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Centric Software is proud to announce that the latest release of its
    flagship Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, Centric
    8 PLM version 6.6
    , is now available. Centric Software provides the
    most innovative enterprise solutions to fashion, retail, footwear,
    outdoor, luxury and consumer goods companies to achieve strategic and
    operational digital transformation goals.

    Driven by feedback from customer innovation partners in fashion, retail,
    outdoor and consumer goods, Centric 8 v6.6 is a market-driven release
    that responds to the increasing complexity of creating an increasing
    number of products destined for multiple channels and diverse regions
    while also keeping time to market fast and product costs low.

    New innovations include automated rules to govern the use of colors
    across different collections, mass creating product Stock Keeping Units
    (SKUs) to avoid tedious clicks and streamlining Point of Measure (POM)
    management. This release also continues Centric’s journey into 3D with a
    powerful new viewer for virtual prototypes and samples.

    ”We were thrilled to partner with Centric on the new Color Rules
    innovation in Centric PLM as it enables designers and product developers
    to easily apply color rules to materials, threads and trims all at once
    harmonizing product designs, assuring adherence to brand guidelines and
    reducing the risk of a design snafu,” attests a long-time Centric
    customer. “We are a luxury brand specializing in leather goods and the
    choice of colors for each component of each product is as critical as
    our brand DNA. Color details are noticed, and appreciated, by our

    The ability to mass create product SKUs was similarly driven by Centric
    customers. “This new release enables users to easily create many SKUs at
    one time,” explains Ron Watson, VP Product at Centric Software.
    “Automatically generating SKUs saves our users time and increases
    information accuracy while also saving hundreds of clicks.” Centric v6.6
    also transforms the creation of POMs codes and size charts saving time
    and speeding product iterations destined for multiple markets.

    The 3D Viewer in version 6.6 has exciting new features that give users
    even more control over the 3D product sample workflow, further boosting
    efficiency and speeding time to market. Watson explains how the enhanced
    3D Viewer simplifies the 3D sampling process and gives increased control
    over product designs and construction. “Our customers partner with us to
    help streamline their collection development process and the new Centric
    innovations in 3D give them more precision when assessing samples and
    make design and development process much faster.”

    “Centric has always been an innovation leader with user experience and
    adoption being keystones of our success,” says Chris Groves, president
    and CEO of Centric Software. “We empower our fashion, outdoor, footwear,
    luxury and consumer goods brands, retailers and manufacturers in their
    everyday work to drive their own innovations, speed time to market and
    achieve business growth.”

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