Landowners Allege Alliance Pipeline Must Compensate for Crop Yield Losses

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    MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Landowners in North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois filed a class
    action lawsuit against Alliance Pipeline L.P. for crop yield losses
    resulting from the operation of a liquid natural gas pipeline that runs
    from British Columbia, Canada to Chicago, Illinois.

    Construction on the pipeline began in 1999. It runs nearly 900 miles,
    through 11,000 acres of prime farmland in the United States. Alliance
    entered into agreements with Attorneys General of Minnesota, Iowa, North
    Dakota and Illinois which required that Alliance compensate landowners
    for crop yield losses for as long as they occurred. Alliance also
    negotiated and entered into Easements with North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa
    and Illinois in which Alliance represented and agreed it would
    compensate landowners for crop yield losses for as long as they occurred.

    In 2015, Alliance breached the Easements, the Attorney General
    Agreements, and the promises it made to induce landowners to sign the
    Easements by refusing to pay for further crop yield losses.

    The North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois landowners allege that
    Alliance is responsible for crop yield losses from 2015-present, as well
    as for all future years in the operational life of the pipeline.

    for a copy of the complaint filed in the United States District
    Court for the District of Minnesota. For more information about the
    case, contact Hellmuth & Johnson partner Michael R.
    at (952) 746-2118.

    The landowners are represented by Michael R. Cashman, Richard M.
    Hagstrom, Anne T. Regan and Michael P. Srodoski of Hellmuth & Johnson,
    Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Drew R. Ball and Steve E. McCann of Ball &
    McCann, Chicago, Illinois.

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