GEICO Asks: Just How Distracted Are Distracted Drivers?

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    Awareness Month 2019 draws to a close, GEICO urges drivers
    to learn the risks associated with distracted driving.

    How much is distracted driving affecting roadways?

    • How much more likely is it for a crash to occur if drivers are
      interacting with a smartphone?

      Drivers who use a
      handheld phone increase their risk of crashing by two to three times
      compared to a sober, alert driver according to the Virginia Tech
      Transportation Institute. Prior to putting the car in gear, drivers
      should consider silencing their phones, turning on the ‘do not disturb
      function’ or placing them out of reach altogether in the car.

    • How many drivers utilize ‘do not disturb while driving’ mode?

      at drivers who had iPhones specifically, the Insurance Institute for
      Highway Safety found that only one in five had Apple’s ‘do not disturb
      while driving’ mode activated.

    • Around 10 percent of fatal crashes resulted from distracted driving
      – why do researchers think this is a low estimate?

      the scene of a crash, distraction is very hard to prove unless a
      driver freely admits to diverting his/her attention. According to IIHS
      many more fatal crashes may have resulted from distracted driving;
      however, distraction was not noted as the cause.

    • Is it fair to only blame smartphones for issues related to
      distracted driving?

      Smartphones are only one piece of
      the problem. In a new observational study from the Insurance Institute
      for Highway Safety, a large percentage of drivers were seen partaking
      in other distracting behaviors such as eating/drinking, interacting
      with passengers, wearing headphones and reaching for items in the

    To avoid becoming a statistic, GEICO urges drivers to switch their
    phones to ‘do not disturb’ mode, leave their GPS’ alone, plan their
    meals outside of driving times and set playlists in advance.

    For more distracted driving tips, visit GEICO’s Smartdogs Distracted
    resources page.

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