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Top 5 Resources Including PrepAway Practice Tests Providing You with Information Required to Pass Microsoft 70-410 Exam



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The Microsoft 70-410 certification test is the first part of three-series exams that are meant to measure the candidate’s knowledge and skills in terms of implementation of Windows Server 2012. Those students who excel in the test prove that they are able to perform implementation and configuration of core services of Windows Server 2012 such as networking services and Active Directory. Passing all the three exams shows that these individuals can implement, manage, maintain and provide services in Windows Server 2012.

Getting ready for the Microsoft 70-410 exam can be quite a daunting task, especially if you do not have the right preparation resources. This article shares some resources you can use to get ready.

Exam structure

Before delving into the different resources required for the exam preparation, it is important to know about the test structure. This will act as your study guide.


To begin with, the Microsoft 70-410 exam is divided into six sections. Each of these sections is assigned a certain percentage weight, which represents the number of questions that the section contributes to the overall test. The sections are as follows:

  • Installation and configuration servers – from 15% to 20%
  • Administering and installing Active Directory – from 15% to 20%
  • Configuring Hyper-V – from 15% to 20%
  • Configuration of server roles and features – from 15% to 20%
  • Management and creation of Group Policy – from 15% to 20%
  • Deployment and configuration of core network services – from 15% to 20%

When you prepare, it is important to make sure that all the sections are allocated an equal amount of time. This because all the parts have the same contribution towards the main exam questions and ignoring any may result in failure to meet the cut score. The Microsoft passing score is typically 700. However, this does not imply that you have to answer 70% of the questions. You may be required to pass questions ranging from 50-80%. To be on the safer side, do your best throughout the exam responding to all the questions.

Required resources for exam preparation

The following resources will come in handy as you go about your studies for the 70-410 certification test:

  1. Instructor-led training

This refers to the enrolling in a course where you have an instructor taking you through all the study materials. Training videos are prepared and you are guided on what to study at different periods of time. Microsoft has its own instructor-led training – Course 20410D. Throughout it, key informational resources are split into modules. There are a total of 13 modules, all of which the candidates complete over an estimated 5-day period. Besides theoretical knowledge, you also get some lab exercises under each module. The lab exercises are essential as they equip you with the practical skills required to excel in the corporate world. Not all of these exercises will be tested in the overall exam, but they are still important as they prepare you to be better equipped with tackling the demands of your work.

The prerequisites for the Course 20410D include basic knowledge of server hardware, networking fundamentals, security best practices, and AD DS concepts. Furthermore, the students who have experience in installing previous Windows Server will find it easy throughout the course.

  1. Self-paced training

This is a contradiction of instructor-led training. Just as the name suggests, self-paced training involves studying in a way that is most convenient for you. You do not have to worry about study deadlines. It is an appropriate resource in situations where you have a busy schedule, including taking care of your family and meeting your job’s requirements.

Microsoft’s own self-paced training is one of the best resources you can consider for your studies. It consists of seven modules, which cover new features, solutions and capabilities of Windows Server 2012. Upon completion of the course, you will have been thoroughly prepared to get a deeper view of the technology via relevant courses in Microsoft Virtual Academy. As much as self-paced training resource is meant to accommodate your busy schedule, it does not imply that you lazy in your studies. A dedicated candidate will strive to surpass their own study timelines.

  1. Books

The power of books can never be underestimated. In fact, this is the most flexible resource. It allows the candidates to cover their topics of interest from any location, whether caught up in a traffic jam or on a short lunch break at your workplace. Microsoft Exam Ref 70-410 is designed to help their students in their preparation. It is fully updated with all the possible topics that can be tested in the main exam. This book is aimed at experienced IT professionals looking forward to upgrading their status. It trains one to think critically and be better at making decisions.

  1. Exam prep videos

This is a brief introductory video. It takes less than 6 minutes, which makes it one of the quick resources you can include in your collection. As it is an eye-opener video, you do not want to miss out on it. It is offered by the Microsoft certification experts, both of whom have an immense grasp of Windows Server 2012.

  1. PrepAway 70-410 practice tests

Any serious candidate can never overlook the importance of 70-410 practice test from PrepAway. With PrepAway 70-410 practice test, you are given some kind of look into what the exam will cover and the structure of the questions. Even though you should not expect the repetition of the questions word for word in the final exam, PrepAway practice test serves as a guide to the kind of testing you should be looking forward to.

With these resources at your disposal, your opportunities to excel in the Microsoft 70-410 exam increase.

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