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Top Challenges Facing US Tech Companies in 2019 | Infiniti’s Latest Article Reveals Them All – GrassNews
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Top Challenges Facing US Tech Companies in 2019 | Infiniti’s Latest Article Reveals Them All



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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–lt;a href=”” target=”_blank”gt;#CompetitiveIntelligencelt;/agt;–A well-known market intelligence solutions provider, Infiniti Research,
has recently announced the completion of their latest article on the top
challenges facing the US tech companies in 2019
. This article
gives a comprehensive overview of some of the unique challenges faced by
US tech companies.

The US tech industry is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Although the
rapid technological advancements have opened up new opportunities for
the tech industry players, these have brought about major challenges for
companies in the tech industry. Some of the key challenges include
overcoming cybersecurity threats, finding the right talent, and keeping
up with the market competition. In this competitive market scenario,
companies that do not take appropriate steps to tackle the industry
challenges will be left behind. Therefore, it becomes imperative for
tech companies to understand the current challenges in the industry and
take actions to tackle them effectively.

US tech industry is evolving at an unprecedented rate. However,
there are several challenges to tackle in order to succeed in this
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Key challenges in the US tech industry

Talent acquisition


Finding the right talent is a major challenge for companies operating in
the tech industry. As talent drives innovation and execution of new
technologies, it becomes imperative for companies to find the right
talent and retain them. Lack of doing so can affect the overall growth
of the company. To avoid being left behind, tech companies can build a
strong work culture and collaborate with remote teams.

Data governance, security, and privacy

Data governance, security, and privacy will have major implications on
tech companies in 2019. Both within and outside the enterprise, these
factors will have major implications on AI utilization. Heavily
unbalanced regulation greatly limits its applications and can cause a
major setback in business innovation of companies in the tech industry.

Achieving the desired business outcomes could prove to be an
uphill battle.
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Issues in the cloud network


Today, companies are moving all the critical industry data to cloud
infrastructure. However, the network could pose some major setbacks
here. Every organization has a set amount of bandwidth or the budget to
spend on it. The rising amount of data that is being generated by users,
IoT, and AI applications could lead to major network issues to store and
manage this data.

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About Infiniti Research

Established in 2003, Infiniti
is a leading market intelligence company providing
smart solutions to address your business challenges. Infiniti Research
studies markets in more than 100 countries to help analyze competitive
activity, see beyond market disruptions, and develop intelligent
business strategies. To know more, visit:



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