For Second Year, Funding is Available to Address Homelessness in Delaware

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    $1.2 million available from FHLBank Pittsburgh and DSHA

    PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FHLBank Pittsburgh and the Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA) are
    partnering for a second year to fund programs across the state that work
    to address homelessness. FHLBank Pittsburgh is providing $700,000 toward
    the effort, which is called Home4Good, and DSHA is providing $500,000,
    for a total contribution of $1.2 million in 2019.

    “FHLBank is pleased to again partner with DSHA on this important
    community program,” said John Bendel, FHLBank’s Senior Director of
    Community Investment. “Home4Good’s flexibility and focus on innovative
    initiatives continue to help Delaware organizations assist individuals
    who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.”

    As in 2018, funding will be distributed as grants to organizations with
    programs that help people retain or find housing, as well as those that
    provide supportive services. Interested groups are advised to submit
    proposals for Home4Good funding directly to DSHA. All applicants team
    with FHLBank member financial institutions to further develop
    relationships that can help meet the service provider’s future funding
    needs, which is a long-term benefit of Home4Good. Submitted proposals
    will be considered for funding by FHLBank Pittsburgh and DSHA.

    “The organizations who were awarded Home4Good funding in the first round
    are making a difference in the lives of so many Delawareans, and we are
    thrilled to be able to provide another year of support for the program
    thanks to our partnership with FHLBank Pittsburgh,” said DSHA Director
    Anas Ben Addi. “I encourage organizations throughout our state to submit
    proposals for this next round of funding so we can continue our efforts
    to help individuals and families facing homelessness find permanent

    Many organizations qualify to apply for funding, including local
    governments, nonprofits, housing authorities and others. Successful
    Home4Good applicants will offer programs that prevent or reduce
    homelessness, collaborate with others to address established housing
    goals and have a track record of success. The deadline for service
    providers to apply for 2019 funding is Aug. 22.

    Interested organizations can participate in an informational
    stakeholders meeting on Monday, June 10, at 1 p.m. at Delaware Technical
    Community College’s Terry Campus in Dover, Delaware. Organizations
    interested in participating in the meeting can contact Angie Lord at

    Additional information about Home4Good is available at
    and at
    Interested organizations can also contact Kate Swanson at
    or Jessica Eisenbrey at
    for details.

    About FHLBank Pittsburgh

    As an intermediary between global capital markets and local lenders,
    FHLBank Pittsburgh provides readily available liquidity, as well as
    affordable housing and community development opportunities, to member
    financial institutions of all sizes in Delaware, Pennsylvania and West
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    About the Delaware State Housing Authority

    The Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA), formed in 1968, is
    dedicated to providing quality, affordable housing opportunities and
    appropriate supportive services to low- and moderate-income Delawareans.
    In addition to its role as the State’s Housing Finance Agency, DSHA is
    unique in that it also serves as a Public Housing Authority and acts as
    a Community Development and Planning Agency. As a Public Housing
    Authority, DSHA receives funding from HUD to build, own and operate
    public housing in Kent and Sussex counties, two of Delaware’s three
    counties. For more information about the Delaware State Housing
    Authority, please call (888) 363-8808 or visit our website at


    Rich Stimel, FHLBank Pittsburgh

    Jessica Eisenbrey, DSHA