Aeronext to Enter Chinese Market Establishes Office in Shenzhen, China Names Kazufumi Kawanoue as General Manager

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    — First Step in a Global Strategy —

    TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aeronext (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO Keisuke Toji), the next generation
    drone company, has established Aeronext Shenzhen Ltd., in Shenzhen,
    China, as a base for developing the Chinese market. Kazufumi Kawanoue,
    with extensive links to the Chinese drone industry, has been appointed
    as General Manager. He will engage in application development, customer
    development, sales and marketing and licensing business promotion in the
    Chinese market. For many years, he has facilitated both business and
    academic ties surrounding the drone industry, as well as connecting
    Japanese and Chinese drone professionals.

    In order to develop the optimal design for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    (UAVs) and multicopter airframes, Aeronext has fundamentally redesigned
    the structure of the airframe and developed its own center of gravity
    control technology that we call 4D GRAVITY®. We have built a strong
    patent portfolio to make this unique 4D GRAVITY® a standard technology
    in UAVs, and we promote global adoption of our 4D GRAVITY® technology
    through our licensing business. A milestone in our global expansion was
    the Shenzhen international “Nanshan Entrepreneurship Star Contest 2018”
    competition held in Shenzhen last November, where we won both the third
    place prize overall and the Intellectual Property Award. We are grateful
    for all of the support from Nanshan District People’s Government of
    Shenzhen City, Shenzhen City Drone Industry Association, Shenzhen
    Tsinghua University Research Institute, and their encouragement
    regarding business development in China.

    Close to Hong Kong, Shenzhen, referred to as the “Chinese Silicon
    Valley,” has a fast-growing economy, with many entrepreneurs, investors
    and development companies. Home to countless small and medium size
    manufacturers and hardware innovators, Shenzhen also has hundreds of
    drone related companies. This is why Aeronext has chosen Shenzhen as the
    next step in Aeronext’s global strategy.

    Mr. Kawanoue came to Beijing for a short-term language study in 2005 at
    the Beijing Language and Culture University and has been involved with
    customer development for both Japanese companies’ store operations in
    China and Chinese companies with interests in Japan. He began research
    in Taiwan and Shenzhen on drones, planned drone events for both Japanese
    and Chinese participants, and planned industrial tours, as well.
    Currently living in Shenzhen, he develops local networks among industry,
    government, and academia, mainly in the Shenzhen and Bay areas,
    establishing relationships with industry groups, entrepreneur
    communities, incubators, accelerators, university communities. He will
    look to support outreach to Japanese companies and subsequent business
    development. He has unparalleled knowledge of the drone industry and has
    built a wide network in the Japan-China drone industry.

    In welcoming Mr. Kawanoue and establishing Aeronext Shenzhen Ltd.,
    Aeronext aims to fully develop a “drone premised society” and “the new
    airspace economy.”

    Aeronext Shenzhen Ltd. [Company Information]

    • Location: Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province China
    • Business: Promotion of 4D GRAVITY® technology, application
      development, customer development, sales and marketing
    • Capitalization: 1 million Yuan

    About Aeronext Inc.

    In order to develop the optimal design for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    (UAVs) and multicopter airframes, Aeronext researches Drone
    Architecture. Aeronext’s guiding principle for drone architecture is
    attitude control, and our center of gravity control, 4D GRAVITY®. 4D
    GRAVITY® is the core of multiple strengths we bring to drone
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