Boston Medical Center Joins AVIA to Bring Innovative Solutions to Vulnerable Populations

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    Initial work includes collaborating with 27 health systems in the
    Medicaid Transformation Project

    Medical Center
    (BMC), the largest safety net hospital and
    busiest trauma and emergency services center in New England, is one of
    the newest Members of AVIA,
    the nation’s leading network for health systems seeking to innovate and

    BMC is launching its AVIA membership by participating in the Medicaid
    Transformation Project
    (MTP). Led by AVIA and Andy Slavitt, former
    acting administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services,
    MTP strives to enable better health and outcomes for vulnerable
    populations, while also reducing costs. Providing accessible healthcare
    to everyone has long been a mission for BMC; about 70% of its patients
    are from under-served populations and 32% of patients do not speak
    English as a primary language. BMC is also deeply committed to improving
    community and behavioral health; it recently received a
    grant from the National Institutes of Health
    as part of a $350
    million study that aims to reduce opioid overdose deaths by 40 percent
    over three years.

    “Through innovation, BMC provides access to health care for low income
    people and develops nationally recognized solutions, which promotes
    health equity and transforms how care is delivered,” says Kate Walsh,
    President & CEO of BMC.
    “It made perfect sense to join AVIA and
    the Medicaid Transformation Project, which is helping us accelerate our
    clinical innovation efforts, especially around behavioral health and
    maternal and infant care.”

    BMC is driven by its mission and ambition, including a long-term vision
    to make Boston the healthiest urban population in the world. Achieving
    this goal will require extensive and innovative work with its community,
    patients, and peers. As a Member of the AVIA Innovator Network, BMC is
    now connected with more than 45±
    action-oriented health systems
    across the nation and a team of 90+
    digital health experts at AVIA. By working with AVIA and these leading
    health systems, BMC will make smarter and faster technology selections
    and investment decisions. In addition to MTP, initial work will include
    evaluating and scaling virtual care models.

    “We joined AVIA to learn how to better leverage digital and keep
    evolving,” says Dr. Alastair Bell, Executive Vice President,
    Strategy and Chief Operating Officer for BMC.
    “Digital is a key to
    improving access to care, unlocking operational efficiencies, and
    building new capabilities to leverage and connect our resources.
    Collaborating with our peers will challenge us to think differently, and
    AVIA will provide us with the playbook to get from innovation to impact.”

    BMC will be a valued voice within the AVIA Innovator Network. “BMC is a
    healthcare leader not only in Boston but in the entire New England
    region, with a trusted reputation for delivering excellent and equitable
    care to all patients,” says Eric Langshur, CEO & Co-founder of AVIA.
    “We’re excited to advance this mission through the Medicaid
    Transformation Project, and to marry their rich culture of innovation
    with our rigorous process for accelerating transformation.”

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