The Toker swoops in to share the risks of cannabis smoke on lung health



The Lung Health Foundation has launched the second iteration of its comic-book inspired cannabis public health education initiative, the Toker.

First launched last year, the Toker was created to educate Canadians about the lung health risks associated with cannabis smoking through a series of humorous videos shared on digital platforms. Now, the Toker is back to remind Canadians about these risks by reaching them where they’re already overconsuming – online.

In today’s world, with pandemic-related restrictions, research shows many Canadians are overindulging in online behaviours, like streaming video content.i,ii

Additional research also shows that many Canadians who are cannabis users have increased their consumption of the substance during the pandemic.iii This is alarming, as many young Canadian adults are still unaware of the lung health risks that come with smoking cannabis.iv

That’s why the Toker will appear on young Canadians’ screens at the exact moments they’re overindulging in online behaviours and, through a series of humorous exchanges, encourage them to learn more about the impact of frequent cannabis smoking. Canadians will be directed to where they can access educational resources to learn more.

“It was important for us to consider how the Toker can continue to reach young Canadian adults in a meaningful way and the pandemic we are all experiencing certainly added another layer to that,” said George Habib, President and CEO, Lung Health Foundation. “By connecting with young Canadians online through funny, light-hearted interactions, we hope to encourage them to learn more about the impact cannabis smoke can have on their lungs in an organic, yet impactful way.”


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