Esteemed Cannabis Site Branches into the World of Nootropics and Supplements



Earlier this year, announced they will be expanding on their traditionally cannabis-centric content to provide expert information and reviews on nootropics – which are natural supplements products designed to improve mental focus and overall well being. In addition to medical cannabis and CBD, the site’s medical review team will now cover topics relating to the use of mushrooms, adaptogens, vitamins, proteins, probiotics, and other supplements.

Some substances, such as adaptogens, are only just finding a modern spotlight, despite being used for centuries. This interest may be motivated by the increasing number of studies highlighting their physiological benefits. WayofLeaf is keen to explore these claims but acknowledges the fact that trusted information is hard to find.

“Society is becoming increasingly interested in natural approaches to healthcare – but there are simply not enough reputable resources to satisfy this curiosity,” says Dylan Baker, Content Director at WayofLeaf.

The site hopes to fill this need by providing a variety of engaging, well-researched topics. From reishi and Lion’s mane mushrooms to turmeric and ashwagandha, readers can expect the site to encompass a vast range of nootropic-related health topics.

While WayofLeaf content will maintain focus on cannabis-related health, the team is eager to explore this new corner of health and wellness. “Nootropics have long been interlinked with potential health benefits, and we want to provide an expert, objective view on their use,” says Baker. “People want to know what these supplements are and how they can benefit their health – they also want to know where to find the best, highest-quality products.”

WayofLeaf article and video content is comprised of educational and informational guides, as well as product reviews and doctor-reviewed health topics.

Baker claims the decision to expand into nootropics was a natural transition, claiming, “We already [had] the expertise and the knowledge, so why not use that to spread conscientious information on these increasingly popular topics.”

While this is just the beginning of WayofLeaf’s transition into nootropics, their reputation in the industry means expectations are high. Readers can browse all new categories and informational guides by visiting


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