AMP Launches HANAFSAN Branded CBD Cannabis Cosmetics Products in Germany



AMP Alternative Medical Products Inc. (FrankfurtC4TA) (ISIN: CA0318961038) (CSE: XCX), a pharmaceutical supplier of medical cannabis products to German pharmacies and Dr. Feurstein Medical Hemp GmbH (“HANAFSAN”), an Austrian pharmaceutical CBD hemp producer have entered into a supply agreement to import and sell HANAFSAN branded certified CBD Hemp cosmetics in Germany.

­AMP will import a range of pharmaceutical grade CBD cosmetics under the HANAFSAN brand name for sale in Germany. These cosmetics are produced from hemp organically cultivated in Europe and processed and manufactured at their EU-GMP compliant facility in Vorarlberg, Austria. HANAFSAN CBD cosmetic products are already certified for sale in Germany without a prescription of a doctor.

HANAFSAN CBD oils are produced from high-quality full-spectrum hemp extracts produced from certified EU hemp varieties and formulated according to EU pharmaceutical standards into cold-pressed organic hemp seed oil. HANAFSAN CBD creams use hemp extract from the leaves of approved EU hemp varieties and formulate with a cold-pressed organic hemp seed oil, shea butter and aloe vera, which can produce a revitalizing and hydrating effect. Dr. Feurstein Medical Hemp Extract Oil for Oil Pulling is a dentist recommended product that can support dental and oral health issues.

Click here to view HANAFSAN’s products:

Starting mid-May 2021, AMP sales team will offer hemp extract CBD oils for cosmetic appliances in 5%, 10%, 15% CBD concentration and hemp extract creams in 0.3% and 3% CBD concentration available in different volume sizes and “Dr. Feurstein Medical Hemp Extract Oil for Oil Pulling” in 0.3% CBD concentration.

Dr. Daniel Feurstein, CEO and Founder of HANAFSAN, said, “With the declassification of CBD as a narcotic in the EU, we wanted a strong German partner to represent our brand, the largest market in Europe.  AMP’s sales team have been trained on the benefits of medical cannabis and cover all the major sales regions in Germany.”

Dr. Stefan Feuerstein, President and Director of AMP, commented, “We just completed our sales training session where representatives from HANAFSAN presented their products to our team. We expect sales of CBD medical and consumer products to grow exponentially in Germany beginning this year. We wanted our first certified CBD product to be a high-quality product for our sales team to offer to our pharmacist customers.”


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