Sun Brand Sheds Light On CBD At WEEDCon Cannabis Conference



On Thursday May 20th, the 6th WEEDCon cannabis education and networking expo will take place next week with 80 cannabis brands and 110 dispensaries in attendance. The premier cannabis education expo in the industry, WEEDCon promotes health and wellness and the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant.

Sponsored by Sun Brand and Dime Industries, the two day expo will include the WEEDCon dispensary buyers luncheon with 2020 Cannabis Chef of the Year, Chef Matt, music with Edward (Ed) Roth & friends, the WEEDCon Cup Awards, education speakers, and a charity golf tournament to benefit orphans, foster and homeless children.

With the 2018 US Farm Bill legalizing hemp, CBD (a compound in cannabis and hemp) is being recognized by consumers for it’s medicinal benefits including help with sleeplessness, anxiety, pain relief and even cancer treatment. US Companies are now positioning to provide everyday use CBD products to meet the growing consumer demand.

WEEDCon sponsor Sun Brand offers a full range of CBD products designed to help with pain relief, sleeplessness, sports medicine and pet health. “There’s a dirty little secret in the CBD industry – mislabeling” says Sun Brand Founder John Williams. “Most of the products out there don’t have 80% of what they claim and that’s why we guarantee our products to have what we say on the label. We are the trusted brand in CBD.” He adds.

On the cannabis side, companies like Dime Industries are combining technology with quality product to provide the cannabis consumer with a superior, trusted product for pain relief, stress relief and anti-tumor properties. Currently developing a product that will revolutionize the way people consume cannabis extract, Dime Industries is a cutting edge cannabis product and technology company offering the consumer a better way to consume cannabis.

WEEDCon is the safety standard for covid-era events offering same day testing for all unvaccinated guests at the outdoor event with masks required. No cannabis consumption or sales are allowed. Brands exhibiting at WEEDCon include 7 Points Cannabis, Akiko’s Medicinal Food Products, Amplified Farms, Ape Premium Cannabis, Apex Extractions, Artery Pay, Black Market Cannabis, Bloom Network, Buddy Buddy Indoor, Buddy’s Chocolate Haus, California Label Products, Calyfx, Clique Farming Company, Chef Matt Cooks, C George & Associates, Clade9, Clone Goddess, Cosmic Distribution, Cream of the Crop Gardens, Deibel Bioscience Labs, Dime Industries, Dr. Dabber, Elevated Global Supply, Encore Labs, Endos Brand, Evergreen Distribution, From the Earth, Growpacker, Head Stash, High Tide Distribution, Hollister Cannabis Co., Ispire, LA Cannabis Co., Luxley Collection, Medcare Farms, Mohave Cannabis Co., Mojave Green Co., New World Packaging, Nine Tree Hill Organics, Nug, On the Nose PR, Originals Family Farms, Resonate Blend, Revelry Supply, Riverview Farms, Rove Brand, Sense Distribution, Sun Brand, Temeka Group, The Cannabis Corporation, V-Syndicate and Viola Brand.


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