Dr. Molly Maloof, Physician, Technologist and Entrepreneur, To Keynote At Meet Delic: The World’s Premiere Psychedelic and Wellness Event



Delic Holdings Corp (“Delic” or the “Company”) (CSE: DELC) (OTCQB: DELCF) (FRA: 6X0) (original source), the leading psychedelic wellness platform, today announced that Dr. Molly Maloof, MD, will serve as a keynote speaker at Meet Delic on November 6. Dr. Maloof has worked with investors, entrepreneurs, and executives to optimize their health and consulted with more than 45 companies in the digital health, consumer health, and biotechnology industries needing help with clinical strategy, product development, clinical research and scientific marketing. She is also the co-founder of the Psychedelic Clubhouse on the Clubhouse app where she co-hosts the Psychedelic News Hour.

Meet Delic is the largest and most comprehensive event to learn about the intersection of psychedelics, wellness, and business with like-minded visionaries. Dr. Maloof’s keynote, Aphrodisiacs and Psychedelics: A History of Medicine for Love, will explore psychedelic aphrodisiacs and provide historical, modern day and future contexts for the role of psychedelics in human relationships.

“I’m super excited to speak at Meet Delic, the premier consumer psychedelic conference,” said Maloof. “They are truly making history by bringing people together in Las Vegas during a time when we need community and connection more than ever. I couldn’t be more honored to speak at such an important conference in such a pivotal point in history. It’s going to be a blast.”

Meet Delic is committed to bringing awareness of the science-backed benefits of psychedelics and business opportunities to the mainstream and larger global community by reframing the psychedelic conversation. The experiential event will feature dancers, music, 3D-mapping, visual artists, new technologies and research, thought-provoking presentations and one of the world’s largest psychedelic business expo.

“Molly has deep experience in the space where health, wellness, technology and business intersect,” said Delic co-founder, Jackee Stang. “Her entrepreneurial spirit drives her to create new channels for people to learn about optimizing their health and wellness, and we are happy to have Molly speak at Meet Delic.”

The twenty hours of panels and keynotes will include an array of topics such as Psychedelics and the Search for TruthWhy Are Psychedelics Medicine?, The Shortcomings of Wellness, PTSD Reset and RecoveryPsychedelics & Addiction: an Intimate Discussion on Recovery in a Modern World, Psychedelics and Sobriety: The Next Frontier in RecoveryMicrodosing, Psychedelic Activism, Digital Dosing: Technology & Innovation Powering PsychedelicsHow Psychedelics Can be Effectively Used for Physical Optimization, and Drug Use for Grown-Ups. Musical and entertainment acts are scheduled both evenings following the panels and expo.

Tickets are now available for the two-day experience. For more information please visit, meetdelic.com. Follow us on @meetdelic on Instagram, Twitter and FacebookTickets available now.

Meet Delic is a subsidiary of Delic, which is focused on bringing psychedelic wellness to the mainstream. The company does this through an umbrella of related owned and operated businesses to support scaling the impact and reach of treatment, including 1) trusted media and e-commerce platforms and in-person events like Meet Delic to market the services directly to patients and consumers and gain data, 2) a licensed lab to develop IP, R&D and innovative high quality and safe product lines and 3) the largest and most accessible network of physical clinics to administer effective treatments.


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