Second Old Pal ‘Grow Your Own’ Initiative Launches For 4/20, Partners With PlantWave To Make Music From Living Old Pal Shareable Cannabis Plants



For the second year in a row, Old Pal Shareable Cannabis customers can enjoy a Grow Your Own initiative to put the power of cultivation in their hands for 4/20. Last year, the Grow Your Own program enabled the cannabis community to get up close and personal with a process familiar to the farmers who bring this beloved brand to life and to help deliver a more intimate connection to the plant.

This year, not one but three auto-flowering plants are in each pot carefully tended to by a celebrated cultivator of Old Pal Shareable Cannabis in CaliforniaLadybug Farms. Each of the Grow Your Own kits comes in one powerful hybrid variety called Hifi Lemon to celebrate the cannabis connection to music. It’s an easy to enjoy strain with roots in Mythic OG and Atlas Star genetics resulting in a vibrant blend that’s blooming with good vibes. The nose is bright, citrusy and sweet, with favors of decadent cheese and zesty lemon offering an uplifting high.

With the potential to yield up to a half to a full ounce of cured flower under standard conditions, each semi-mature plant arrives well on its way through the grow cycle packed in nutrient dense soil that takes out a lot of the guesswork for fertilization. The experts at Ladybug want to make sure customers are set up for success so each Old Pal decorated pot includes a QR code that links to the campaign landing page with growing tips, tricks, care instructions, the ‘Pot Sounds’ playlist and a series of videos demonstrating the music made by connecting a PlantWave midi controller to various plants.

This partnership with Data Garden and PlantWave founder Joe Patitucci amplifies the idea that plants can actually make music; in fact, the science behind it is relatively simple as each set of electrodes measures electrical variations that change with environmental and even human manipulation. Each plant produces a wave that is translated into pitch messages that can be interpreted through various instruments. The results from these plants were unlike any others showing a smooth, continuous curve that was sonically meditative. “A lot of data from other plants will be super rich and less clearly defined; in fact, when you first hook it up to a plant there will be a lot of noise that will eventually become a wave. These cannabis plants all had very clearly-defined waveforms. I thought I’d seen everything but I’d never experienced that before. The album, released by me called ‘420hz: Plant Music from Cannabis Plants’ will be a result of those HiFi Lemon plants playing and me performing with them,” Patitucci added when asked about the project. This window into the secret life of cannabis plants is the first of its kind and an enlightening look at the convergence of trichomes and tech.

Grow Your Own plants will be available in California at select dispensaries. Additionally, participating cultivators of Old Pal Shareable Cannabis in MA, OH, PA and CA will sample their plants to make Old Pal music stems generated by the PlantWave devices. Anyone curious to hear Old Pal cannabis sounds from various strains across the US can text ‘Pot Sounds’ to ‘420420’ to explore the world of cannabis generated music.


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