Goodness Growth Holdings Subsidiary Resurgent Biosciences Announces Planned Expansion into Psychedelics Research and IP Development



Goodness Growth Holdings, Inc. (“Goodness Growth” or the “Company”) (CSE: GDNS; OTCQX: GDNSF), a physician-led, science-focused cannabis company and IP incubator, today announced that its subsidiary, Resurgent Biosciences (“Resurgent”), plans to expand its intellectual property development and clinical research efforts into psychedelic medicine. Resurgent is a non-plant/fungus touching-entity and does not intend to engage directly in the cultivation, manufacture, or distribution of any psychedelics.

“Our formation of Resurgent Biosciences was a strategic move to separate our multi-state cannabis company from the non-plant-touching, ancillary business opportunities within our intellectual property portfolio,” said Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Kyle Kingsley, M.D. “Resurgent has proven its ability to conduct clinical research of medicinal plants in partnership with leading hospitals across the United States, and we have also made substantial progress to commercialize several of the technological innovations in our IP portfolio, including our patent-pending TerpSafe™ packaging technology and multi-channel vaporizer.”

Kingsley continued, “Resurgent’s expansion into psychedelics represents a natural extension of our team’s medical and scientific expertise, and frankly, we believe the opportunities for psychedelics to transform the future of mental health and psychiatry are far too significant for us to ignore. We believe the formation of clinical research partnerships to prove efficacy of psychedelic therapies, and the pursuit of novel technologies and applications which could make psychedelic medicine more accessible and affordable for patients and healthcare providers, could drive substantial value creation for our shareholders in the future.”

Launch of TerpSafe™ Technology to Broader Markets

The Company also announced the launch of its TerpSafe™ packaging technology to broader cannabis markets across North America. TerpSafe™ packaging was designed for consumers who demand ultimate freshness of cannabis flower, and its technology has been proven to preserve 100 percent of the terpene content of flower for more than six weeks, compared to a control group which lost more than 30 percent of terpene content within four weeks of packaging.

TerpSafe™ packaging represents the first commercialized product available for sale from the Resurgent Biosciences IP portfolio, and it is being manufactured and distributed under a licensing agreement with eBottles420, the largest supplier of cannabis packaging in North America. This novel packaging technology is now available in the Company’s cannabis markets in Arizona and Maryland under the Amplifi™ brand of flower and will soon be expanding to additional markets nationwide.  Interested parties who would like to learn more about TerpSafe™ packaging are encouraged to visit

2021 Investor Day Conference Call and Webcast

Later today, Goodness Growth Holdings management will host a live conference call and webcast with the investment community to discuss these updates in conjunction with its 2021 Investor Day events. All interested parties are invited to join by registering in advance using the registration links contained in this news release. Webcast replays of these events will also be posted to the Company’s Investor Day page of its corporate website at


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