How did Olivastu, an Online Headshop out of the UK Rise Against All Odds?



You must have heard people emphasising the risks involved in entrepreneurship. But it is an entrepreneur that looks at the struggle and risk as a reward. By keeping this in mind, the Director and Managing Director of OlivastuPritesh Vekaria, and Hitesh Halai pulled out all the stops.

Olivastu is a symbol of people’s dreams and what they can do to achieve them. Founded in 2019, Olivastu has emerged as one of the premium online headshops in the UK. But even after climbing the ladder of success, they haven’t forgotten what it was like in the beginning. They confessed that “Understanding the confusing UK laws around cannabis was a task, but it was when we entered the industry that we could accurately interpret how to conduct business.”

Apart from the obvious confusion around the laws, and challenges posed by the competitors, there were several other issues. Faced with the constant taking down of social media posts and marketing constraints, Olivastu went through a lot. The payment gateway also posed a challenge. It is unfortunate that rarely any of them allow CBD products and other services that are provided by Olivastu.

Even in such a closed environment and harsh conditions, Olivastu still made it. How? Loyal customer support and keeping their wishes before anything else. Olivastu is one of the rare headshops in the UK that provides authentic, high-quality smoking accessories at the lowest possible price.

The reason for their success is not just the pocket-friendly prices but the discretion with which Olivastu delivers the products. In fact, you can avail yourself of the Free Shipping option by purchasing above £30 in the UK. Don’t panic! They have also started shipping its services to other countries like the USAFrance, & Germany.

Olivatsu features an extensive collection of bongs, rolling accessories, grinders, vaporizers, vape pens, CBD products & edibles, dab rigs, and so much more. They also offer a unique feature called OliPoints. You will get to earn 2 OliPoints with the purchase of £1 and if you collect 10 OliPoints, you will get a discount of £1.

For all freebie lovers, you can also get an exclusive OliBox in a giveaway. These giveaways are pretty frequent if you follow Olivastu’s official social media handles.

It is very difficult to carve out your name in such a closed-off industry but Olivastu still emerged as the winner.


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