Bill Purves, an accomplished pharmaceutical executive with unquestionable business acumen and creative foresight, has joined Brains Bioceutical as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). Purves’ impressive history of positioning organizations for success, building strong networks and spurring multi-million dollar sales growth will help take Brains Bioceutical straight to the top.

As CCO of Brains Bioceutical, a global manufacturer of naturally-sourced active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), Purves is at the forefront of a new frontier in the research and development of cannabinoids for health and wellness sectors. Responsible for the company’s global sales and marketing operations, Purves is poised to diversify the company’s unique product offerings while playing a pivotal role in the evolution of cannabinoid science.

“After many years in the pharmaceutical industry, combined with time spent working in the cannabis industry, I have the utmost confidence in what we’re doing at Brains Bioceutical,” says Bill Purves, Chief Commercial Officer of Brains Bioceutical. “I’m excited to see the potential of cannabinoid pharmaceuticals come to life and the positive impacts this will have in pharmacological advancements. We are looking at the future of disease treatment and prevention here at Brains Bioceutical.”

A veteran in both the pharmaceutical and phytocannabinoid industries, Purves is ideally suited to lead Brains Bioceutical’s business development strategy, explore new revenue streams and solidify relationships with existing and prospective customers. He started his pharmaceutical career with GlaxoSmithKline in 1994 (known as GlaxoWellcome at the time) as senior financial analyst, before moving into the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the company’s business operations in Sub-Saharan Africa. Five years later, Purves was promoted to executive director of GlaxoSmithKline’s international business development, providing strategic planning and market development support across the company’s international business unit.

His entrepreneurial ventures began with Iroko Pharmaceuticals in 2007, where Purves was responsible for establishing the company’s global sales and distribution networks for branded generic and specialty prescription products. He then co-founded and acted as managing member of Windhoek Healthcare, a U.S.-based healthcare investment firm, which launched three specialty pharmaceutical companies. Purves entered the medical cannabis space in 2018 when he was hired by Jacana, a Jamaican medical cannabis company, as its CCO and CFO. In these roles, Purves helped transform the start-up into a fully, vertically integrated medical cannabis company with business arms that included research and development, cultivation, production and extraction.

In his current role with Brains Bioceutical, Purves is able to combine his passion and experience in the pharmaceutical industry with his background in working with a medical cannabis start-up. Acknowledging the significant gaps in pharmacological research, Purves is committed to advancing cannabinoid science, generating intellectual property, and spurring investment and innovation in this emerging industry.

“Brains is in a unique position to rapidly capitalize on our industry leading Cannabinoids API via the pharmaceutical industry, and now with Novel Foods Validation in both the EU and UK, Brains will emerge as the industry leader in nutraceuticals. Bill Purves, in his role as Chief Commercial Officer of Brains Bio, is ideally positioned to lead these categories, within an emerging global leader,” says Ricky Brar, CEO of Brains Bioceutical. “His experience will be an asset as we continue to innovate and lead in the cannabinoid space.”

With ambitious plans for research and development, product expansion, and solidifying global partnerships, Purves is eager to lead Brains Bioceuticals into a new frontier in medicinal and wellness solutions.


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