Can4Med Announces First Shipment of Medical Grade Cannabis for Distribution in Poland



Can4Med LLC announced today that it is expecting its first shipment of medical grade cannabis for purposes of distribution in Poland. Can4Med will distribute the products to an extensive network of pharmacy partners throughout the country.

“This significant milestone marks a major step forward in providing pharmacies and patients with regular access to cannabis for medical purposes. Can4Med is actively growing its supply contracts to provide approved products to the Polish market,” said Can4Med CEO Arek Piotrowicz.

Polish legislation allows physicians to prescribe medical cannabis products to patients who can then access it through registered pharmacies. On some specific occasions, products can be covered under public health insurance.

Poland is one of Europe’s largest medical cannabis markets by patient count and is forecast to grow significantly given its large population and growing market demand.

Cannabis products in Poland must be approved by government regulators before being made available for distribution.


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