Tetra Noble launches novel research program to treat carcinoma in canines



Tetra Noble Ltd a UK-based pharmaceutical cannabis company with planned GACP/EU-GMP production sites located in Portugal and South Africa. For founders, Sam Ghaffari, and Liam Marsh, this is not a case of trying to cash in on a growing industry. Both were early adaptors to the market and have extensive experience within the pharmaceutical cannabis space and feel they are ideally positioned to disrupt the market in both the UK and the wider global medical cannabis marketplace.

Soheil (Sam) Ghaffari comes from a unique background in tech, finance, and pharmaceutical cannabis. He has been a geneticist and an agronomist working with cannabis for the last 16 years, creating formidable genetics and has won multiple international awards for his genetics and research into cannabis varieties and novel natural occurring cannabinoids. Sam has developed a proven track record in designing and implementing greenfield medical/pharmaceutical cannabis projects, having successfully implemented this for various companies within the UK as well as African regions. Sam is also the CEO and founder of Tetra Global Ltd, the first company to export medical cannabis genetics outside of the UK. Sam was an honourable guest at the UN general assembly in 2019. Sam has been a founding member in his last three cannabis ventures, two of which have progressed to public listing whereas the third been acquired by the largest cannabis company in the world (Curaleaf).

His co-founder, Liam Marsh, comes from a successful private equity background based in the City of London, raising capital for private companies operating in new and emerging markets, predominantly private medical cannabis companies. Since then, Liam has shifted his focus entirely into the operational and commercial aspects of the medical cannabis industry, being an instrumental figure in the commercial success of multiple medical cannabis projects in various countries. Since 2020 Liam has secured several exclusive sales agreements with some of the largest importers and exporters of medicinal cannabis in the world introducing over 10 tonnes in exports to date and generating millions of dollars in sales revenues. In 2021, Liam led the first licensed export of cannabis genetics from the UK to South Africa licensed to be used in the production of an active pharmaceutical ingredient intended for medical use.

“We are pleased to announce that we have now reached final staged of due diligence to launch our new research program which is to look at how cannabinoids can help treat carcinoma in canines,” said Soheil Ghaffari (Sam) the CEO of Tetra Noble. With the recent appointment of Massimo Bresciani as the director of research and acting COO, after 15 years at GSK (GlaxoSmithKline plc) taking multiple research programs through licensing and to the market.

Tetra Noble Ltd looks to be well positioned to be a market disrupter in the pharmaceutical cannabis space and is a reminiscent of GW Pharma early stages but in a much more sophisticated and evolved marketplace, giving it all the ingredients to succeed.


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