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BrandSpark International announces its 20th annual 2023 Best New Product Awards winners, honouring the Best New Food, Beverage, Beauty, Health, Personal Care, and Household Care products, based on a nationwide survey of Canadian consumers.




BrandSpark International has just announced the winners of the 20th annual 2023 Best New Product Awards (“BNPA”), Canada’s most credible new product awards program. More than 12,600 Canadians participated in the national survey to pick the 90 winning products for the latest Food & Beverage, Beauty, Health, Personal Care, and Household Care products. The winners are 100% consumer-voted and were determined based on real shoppers who bought these winning products.

The 2023 Best New Product Awards winners are listed below.  For more information on the program and winners, visit:

“We are excited to celebrate the 20th year of the Best New Product Awards,” said Robert Levy, President of BrandSpark International and Founder of the Best New Product Awards. “With so many new products launched each year, it is hard for consumers to know what to buy and challenging for brands to break through the clutter. The Best New Product Awards help consumers know what products are worth their hard-earned dollars. We see consumer attitudes shifting and the awards aim to identify products with meaningful innovation that meets evolving consumer needs and aspirations,” says Levy.

“The BNPA seal, with its signature check mark, drives strong ROI for the winners by helping products stand out from the competition and by alerting Canadians that products have been validated by other consumers. Every year we see brands boost sales by leveraging their win across multiple channels.” says Kim Diamond, Vice President of the Best New Product Awards. Winning Best New Product Awards winners will be featured in a high-impact PR and media campaign on Global TV Network,, TikTok, Chatelaine, The Kit, on the Flipp flyer app, and in an online shoppable gallery on – an engaged nationwide community of shoppers who try and review products.

“Despite inflation pressures, Canadian shoppers continue to seek out the best new products. 78% agree they like trying new products and 53% report they actively look for new products when shopping, up from 48% since last summer,” says Philip Scrutton, VP of Shopper Insights at BrandSpark International.

Some key takeaways from this year’s BrandSpark Canadian Shopper Study & the Best New Product Awards

Convenient Ways to Eat Healthier:
46% agree there are not enough convenient healthy food options as health plus convenience continues to be a winning combination

3 in 5 Canadians regularly read the nutrition labels on the food products they are considering, yet 47% agree that when time is tight, convenience is more important than eating healthy.

Several of this year’s winners are helping consumers by combining convenience with a healthier choice: Burnbrae EGG Bites! 5 Cheese, Blender Bites Daily Defen-C 1 Step Smoothie, and Rio Mare Salmon Fillet in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and in Brine

Little Appetite to Make Sacrifices on Taste:
Only 1 in 5 Canadians regularly sacrifice taste for health benefits.

1 in 2 Canadians say they usually consider the health benefits of the foods they choose, few are willing to make sacrifices on taste. Rather, 7 in 10 agree that taste is their primary consideration, ahead even of price and health, and 63% agree that the best indulgent foods are worth it.

Winners that delivered superior taste include Werther’s Original Milk Chocolate Covered Caramels, Häagen-Dazs Exträaz Layers, and Nutella® B-Ready.

Investing in Long-Term Health:

6 in 10 Canadians believe they have a great deal of control over their long-term health through their daily decisions.

Yet this decreased 8 percentage points since 2021. Post-pandemic consumers are going beyond healthy eating and seeking over-the-counter products to enhance their physical and mental health and prepare them for the unexpected. 2 in 3 believe that research is leading to ever better health products, and 55% don’t mind spending significantly more to get the health products they are most confident will work.

Some of this year’s winning products that are helping Canadians feel healthier include Jamieson Vitamin D3 2500 IU Gummies – Juicy Peach and Webber Naturals Adult 50+ Probiotic.

‘Masstige’ continues to evolve and resonate
3 in 5 believe the best mass beauty brands provide products just as effective as prestige beauty.

61% agree that brands are constantly creating better beauty & personal care products through research & development. They want these products to be immediately effective and healthy for skin and hair over prolonged use.

Beauty innovations confirmed by this year’s program to deliver on their promise include Burt’s Bees Gloss and Glow Glossy Balm, Revlon ColorStay Skin Awaken™ 5-in-1 Concealer and Neutrogena Stubborn Acne AM Treatment.

Household Care Convenience:
Canadians want household products that are proven effective, while also being better for the environment.

Overall, 3 in 5 believe that research & development is continually leading to better household care products and 45% spend more for the household care products that have been proven effective to them.

Winning new household products that were worth buying again include Lysol Laundry Disinfectant and Family Guard Disinfectant Cleaner.




(based on manufacturer information and claims)

POM Peach Passion White Tea Antioxidant Super Tea

Antioxidant Beverage

Whole-pressed pomegranates release polyphenol antioxidants, blended with white tea, passion fruit, and sweet peach.

Balderson Smoked Gouda

Block Cheese

A natural gouda, aged to 1 year and smoked with hickory wood with a mild nutty flavour.

Rio Mare Salmon Fillet in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and in Brine

Canned Seafood

Made with only 3 natural ingredients: prime quality Atlantic salmon, a pinch of salt and extra virgin olive oil or water. 25 grams of protein and a good source of omega-3.

Kellogg’s Two Scoops Raisin Bran Oats & Honey Cereal


A new take on Kellogg’s classic Two Scoops Raisin Bran cereal, with crunchier oat-topped flakes paired up with toasted whole grain oats and a touch of real honey.

Armstrong COMBOS Mozzarella & Naturally Smoked Salami Sticks

Cheese & Meat Snack

A source of protein and calcium. Contains only 90 calories or less per stick. Each package contains 4 cheese sticks and 4 meat sticks.

Cheez-It SNAP’d® Crackers

Cheese-Flavoured Cracker

A cheesy, thin and crispy cracker made with real cheese.

Lindt LINDOR Double Chocolate Bar 100g

Chocolate Bar

Creamy milk chocolate shells and smooth melting dark chocolate centers.

Werther’s Original Milk Chocolate Covered Caramels

Chocolate Candy

Soft, rich caramel covered in milk chocolate.

Burnbrae EGG Bites! 5 Cheese

Egg Bites

Mini crustless quiches stuffed with Mozzarella, Cheddar, Colby, Ricotta, and Monterey Jack. Quick and easy to prepare, made with real eggs and has 13g of protein and only 190 calories.

McCain 5 Minute Breakfast Bowls

Frozen Breakfast (bowl, pockets)

Made with real egg, cheese, vegetables (or bacon) and McCain potatoes. Ready in 5 minutes.

Blender Bites Daily Defen-C 1 Step Smoothie

Frozen Smoothie Blend

Blend or shake, just add liquid. Supports the immune system with superfoods, essential vitamins and minerals.

Longo’s Curato Entertaining Mix

Grocery Store Charcuterie Kit

Includes sliced charcuterie and cheese together – a selection of aged Prosciutto, Spinata Romana Salami, Hot Spinata Salami and Provolone cheese.

Sobeys Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Grocery Store Ready Made Meal

Hand-stretched and stone baked cauliflower crust pizzas, a new option for family pizza night.

Mina Supreme Crunch Spicy Chicken Bites

Halal Frozen Food

Halal breaded chicken breast bites are fully cooked for easy heating. Halal verified by the Halal Monitoring Authority (HMA).

Häagen-Dazs Exträaz Layers

Ice Cream

Ice cream, smooth sauce and crispy layers in every bite. Available in Salted Caramel, Mocha Cheesecake, Berry Explosion, and Triple Chocolate.

NESCAFÉ GOLD Sachets – Iced Cappuccino Original & Iced Latte Salted Caramel Carton

Instant Coffee

Simply add cold water for a frothy, cafe quality iced cappuccino or iced latte in the comfort of your own home – no barista necessary.

TeaPot – Lemon Black Tea

Low Dose Cannabis Infused Beverage

Each can contains 5mg of THC. Made with real black tea and infused with Pedro’s Sweet Sativa.

CHEEZMADE by Tre Stelle Chicken-less – Nuggets & Burgers

Meat Alternative

The first ever dairy based meat alternative products in Canada. High in protein and calcium, halal, and made from real cheese with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Available in Nuggets and  Burgers.

Clever Mocktails Mocktail – Sangria & Moscow Mule

Non-Alcoholic Beverage (cocktails, mocktails)

Non-alcoholic moscow mule and sangria mocktails.

Black Diamond Cheese Sauce 4 Cheese

Pasta Sauce (Ready-to-Serve)

Ready-to-serve cheese sauces. Just warm and pour on top of your favourite pasta or vegetables. Made with real cheese.

Robin Hood 00 Style Pizza Flour

Pizza Flour/Dough

A fine wheat flour which makes an excellent pizza crust in just 1 hour.

Vitalite Plant-Based Cheese-Flavoured Slices

Plant-Based Cheese Slices

Dairy-free cheese alternative with taste, texture, and melt that are perfect for any sandwich or burger.

Earth’s Own Naked 5 Simple Oat Milk – Vanilla

Plant-Based Milk

Made with just five ingredients. No oils and no artificial fillers.

Silk Dairy-Free Shredded Cheese

Plant-Based Shredded Cheese

Dairy-free shredded cheese with rich, creamy flavour.

Cracker Barrel Cheese Sauce Kit

Sauce Kit

Kit contains shredded cheese and seasoning. Just combine ingredients, add milk and butter for a sauce ready in 15 minutes.

Armstrong Cheese – Mmmm….BACON Natural Shredded cheese with REAL Bacon

Shredded Cheese

Blend of Pizza Mozzarella & Cheddar with real bacon. Perfect for omelets, potatoes, or as a salad topper.

Lavazza Keurig K-Cup Perfetto Dark Roast

Single-Serve Coffee

A bold full-bodied coffee with hints of caramel.

Nutella® B-Ready

Snack Bar

A crunchy wafer shell baked to perfection filled with Nutella and sprinkled with puffed wheat crispies- 110 calories each.

Armstrong Mozza and Yellow Cheddar Swirl Cheese Snacks

Snacking Cheese

Cheese snack swirls combine Mozzarella & Cheddar, twisted together for a fun snack.

Oroweat / Bon Matin KETO Original Tortillas

Specialty Tortilla

Designed for those that are on a ketogenic diet or simply managing their carb intake. Made with only 6g net carbs.

Crispers Fiery Jalapeno

Spicy Crackers/Chips

Crunchy baked Crispers with Jalapeno Cheddar flavours.

Cadbury Plant Bar

Vegan Chocolate Bar

Cadbury’s first plant-based chocolate confection for those looking to avoid or reduce the consumption of dairy.

Astro® Protein & Fibre


High protein yogurt with 14g of protein and 4g of fibre in each serving.



(based on manufacturer information and claims)

CeraVe Acne Foaming Cleanser

Acne Cleanser

Helps clear acne, prevent new breakouts, and allows skin to heal.

BAND-AID® HYDRO SEAL™ Non-Medicated Hydrocolloid Acne Blemish Patch, 7 CT

Acne Patch

These hydrocolloid patches are designed to be used on the face, absorb fluids and help cover and protect blemishes.

Neutrogena Stubborn Acne AM Treatment

Acne Treatment

Helps prevent and treat stubborn acne and visibly smooths uneven texture. Contains 4% glycolic + polyhydroxy acids to exfoliate and clarify, and salicylic acid to fight acne.

Webber Naturals Adult 50+ Probiotic

Adult Probiotic

Complete digestive health and constipation relief. Reduces duration of upper respiratory tract illness.

Honibe Apple Cider Vinegar Gummie Bees

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

With honey as the first ingredient, this product contains 500mg of ACV per gummie. Made with “The Mother”.

Braun Pulse Oximeter 1

At-Home Diagnostics

Measures blood oxygen levels. Easy to use with a simple finger clip design, push button rotating display and backlit OLED display.

AVEENO® Baby Bubble Bath – For Sensitive Skin

Baby Bubble Bath

Provides relief to dry skin, so your baby’s skin feels soft and moisturized. Made with high quality oat extract and specially formulated for infants sensitive skin.

Jamieson Baby Omega Drops

Baby Supplement Drops

Comes with a convenient, easy-to-use dropper. The drops can be added into milk, break milk, formula in a bottle or directly onto the baby’s tongue.

Children’s Tylenol Easy Dissolve Powder

Children’s Pain Relief

Comes in portable, child-resistant sachets, and is a convenient way to provide children with fast, effective, easy-dissolving relief from fever and pain.

Nature’s Way Sambucus Cold & Flu Relief Adult Gummies

Cold & Flu Gummy

Gummies help to shorten the duration and reduce symptom severity of the common cold, bronchitis, laryngitis and pharyngitis.

Progressive Complete Collagen – Vanilla Ice Cream

Collagen Supplement

Vanilla Ice Cream flavoured collagen helps to maintain healthy bones, and also nourishes hair, skin and nails.

Revlon ColorStay Skin Awaken™ 5-in-1 Concealer


Erases, perfects, brightens, hydrates and refreshes the skin. Up to 24-hour wear. Infused with Caffeine and Vitamin C.

Biotrue Advanced Multi-Purpose Solution

Contact Lens Solution

All the benefits of the original, plus advanced hydration and disinfection.

Philips Sonicare Power Flosser

Electric Flosser/Toothbrush

The unique X-shaped nozzle creates 4 streams with more area coverage and up to 99.9% plaque removal. Pulse Wave technology guides you from tooth to tooth for a more thorough, effective clean.

Systane Complete Preservative-Free Lubricant Eye Drops

Eye Drops

Provides instant relief for dry eye symptoms. Compatible for sensitive eyes and can be used to lubricate contact lenses.

Maybelline New York Shadow Blocks Eyeshadow


This trio comes in a pocket-size palette with 3 pigmented, blendable shadow shades: 2 matte shades + 1 shimmer shade.

Olay Hyaluronic + Peptide 24 Hydrating Gel

Face Moisturizer

This fragrance-free, hydrating gel formula feels smooth to apply and absorbs quickly with no sticky or tacky feeling, and can be worn seamlessly under makeup.

The Knot Dr. All-in-One Mini Oval Dryer Brush by Conair

Hair Dryer Styling Brush

Detangles, dries, styles, and volumizes hair with its detangling technology that smooths away snags, and reduces frizz.

Dove Brilliant Gloss & Repair Leave-In Hair Serum

Hair Serum

A hair treatment for visibly damaged hair. Formulated with Ceramide, potent moisturizers and nourishing ingredients that go to the hair’s cellular level, sealing split ends, and leaving hair smooth.

Honibe Barbie™ Complete Kids Multivitamin + Immune

Kids Vitamins/Supplement

With honey as the first ingredient, this multivitamin is packed with 11 essential vitamins and minerals to support chilldrens’ good health.

Lysol Laundry Disinfectant

Laundry Disinfection

Designed to kill 99.99% of viruses odour-causing bacteria that detergents leave behind. Gentle on fabrics, contains 0% bleach and works in cold water.

Burt’s Bees Gloss and Glow Glossy Balm

Lip Colour

Hydrating benefits of a lip balm and a gloss all in one.  Made with responsibly sourced mango butter and coconut oil.

Rimmel London Kind & Free Clean, Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara


Flexible & creamy natural wax blend formula with 99% natural derived ingredients  infused with biotin to condition eyelashes. Contains a bio-brush made from 100% bio-based fibers.

Jamieson Melatonin & Tart Cherry Chewable


Provides 5 mg of Melatonin and 100 mg of Tart Cherry to help increase total sleep time and reduce the time it takes to fall asleep.

ATTITUDE Leaves Bar Body Soap

Natural Body Wash/Soap

Provides a foamy lather & cleanse. Comes wrapped in a  zero-waste, plastic-free, recyclable cardboard box.

Dove Care by Plants Deodorant Sticks

Natural Deodorant

Natural-origin, plant-based deodorant, made with 99% natural-origin ingredients. Deodorant without aluminum and providing 24-hour protection from odour.

Batiste Naturally Dry Shampoo

Natural Dry Shampoo

Plant-powered dry shampoo that refreshes hair and is made with 100% natural plant extracts.

ATTITUDE Oceanly – Phyto-Calm – Soothing Solid Face Cream for Sensitive Skin

Natural Facial Moisturizer

Made with soothing ingredients to relieve sensitivity associated with dry skin. Vegan, cruelty and plastic-free. Packaged in a biodegradable cardboard tube from sustainably managed forests.

ATTITUDE Leaves Bar Nourishing Conditioner Bar

Natural Hair Conditioner

Made with avocado oil to add shine and softness, and shea butter to repair and protect dry hair. Plastic-free, waterless formula is vegan, biodegradable and wrapped in an eco-friendly cardboard box.

Better Basics Better Balm

Natural Moisturizing Balm

Uses natural ingredients including sweet almond oil, coconut oil and vitamin E. Designed to heal dry skin, cracked lips, and hands. Made with 100% recycled paper packaging.

Maybelline New York Green Edition Superdrop Tinted Oil

Natural Skin Tint

Delivers natural coverage in 1 drop of oil. Vegan formula and made with 70% natural-origin ingredients. Packaging made from new and recycled materials.

Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo Bar

Shampoo Bar

Comes in a 100% recyclable FSC cardboard box with zero plastic packaging.

Ricola Berry Medley Flavour

Throat Lozenges

Made with 10 herbs and uses only natural flavours and colours.

Sensodyne Pronamel Mineral Boost


Designed to replenish vital minerals into the tooth enamel for healthy, strong, white teeth.

Pampers Easy Ups My Little Pony Training Pants

Training Pants

Featuring My Little Pony characters, these super soft and comfy training pants fit just like real cotton undies with a 360 stretchy waistband.

Webber Naturals High Absorption Turmeric Curcumin with Black Pepper

Turmeric Supplement

Relieves joint pain and inflammatory conditions. Enhanced absorption in a convenient one per day formula.

Jamieson Vitamin B12 Gummies – Raspberry

Vitamin B12 Supplement

Provide 1,200 mcg of Vitamin B12 in a fun and delicious raspberry flavoured gummy.

Marcelle Cosmetics 10% Vitamin C + Probiotic Serum

Vitamin C Serum

Improves appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and dark spots.

Jamieson Vitamin D3 2500 IU Gummies – Juicy Peach

Vitamin D Supplement Gummy

Great tasting gummies deliver 2,500 IU of pure, naturally sourced vitamin D3 to help prevent vitamin D deficiency. Extra strength formula boosts Vitamin D intake with a higher potency dose in a convenient single serving.

Webber Naturals Extra Strength Vitamin D3 2500 IU

Vitamin D Supplement Softgel

Helps prevent Vitamin D deficiency; includes the most bioactive and bioavailable form of Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol).

Webber Naturals Women’s Daily Probiotic

Women’s Probiotic

Probiotic restores healthy vaginal flora.



(based on manufacturer information and claims)

T-fal Easy Fry & Grill Flexcook XXL Air Fryer

Air Fryer

T-fal’s first air fryer with a flexible cooking zone. Use one XXL zone or divide into two customizable cooking zones.

Royale Original Recyclable Paper Pack, 9 Mega Toilet Paper Rolls

Better-for-the Environment Bath Tissue

The same Royale quality, now with environmentally friendly paper-based recyclable packaging.

Great Value Eco Compostable Plates

Better-For-The-Environment Cutlery / Plates

BPI-certified compostable and 100% bio-based. Eco-friendly, and convenient alternative to other single-use dishes.

WaterWipes Original Baby Wipes

Better-For-The-Environment Diapers & Wipes

The original Baby WaterWipes, now plastic free.

Dial Foaming Hand Wash Concentrated Refills Starter Kit

Better-For-The-Environment Hand Soap

Contains three concentrated refill packets and one foaming hand wash bottle that can be reused.

Lysol Biodegradable Disinfecting Wipes

Better-For-The-Environment Household Wipes

Made with plant based fibres and are fully biodegradable. The packaging is made with 80% less plastic than Lysol’s traditional canisters.

Nature Clean Laundry Stain Remover Sheets

Better-For-The-Environment Laundry Care

Strips dissolve completely in hot or cold water for a clean wash without phosphates or other harmful chemicals.  With 100% plastic free and recyclable packaging.

Bonterra Paper Towel

Better-For-The-Environment Paper Towel

Custom sizes to help reduce waste. Made from responsibly sourced FSC® certified paper, wrapped in plastic-free and recyclable paper packaging, and is a carbon neutral product made in Canada.

Temptations Creamy Purrrr-ée

Cat Treats

Convenient single-serve pouches make daily treating easy – just open the top and squeeze the tube.

Kilne Everything Pan

Cooking Pan

Unique non-stick ceramic coating. Design is environmentally-conscious, cutting energy consumption in the manufacturing process.

Emma CliMax® Hybrid Mattress


Plush and ergonomically-adaptive AIRGOCELL® comfort foam and the new CliMax® pocketed springs for breathability and bounce.

KitchenAid 7 Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer with Redesigned Premium Touchpoints


Professional-style performance paired with a 3-point locking bowl provides stability for mixing heavy, dense ingredients. 11 distinct speeds. Compatible with 10+ stand mixer attachments.

Ziploc Endurables

Reusable Food Storage

Go directly from freezer, to oven, to table. Made with durable and reusable platinum silicone and can  withstand extreme temperatures (up to 425°F and below subzero).

KitchenAid Shave Ice Attachment

Stand Mixer Attachment/Accessory

Easily create light, fluffy and snow-like shaved ice to elevate a variety of desserts and drinks.

Family Guard Disinfectant Cleaner

Surface Disinfectant Cleaner

Kills 99.99% of germs, bacteria and viruses. Expertly formulated for use in homes with children and pets. Made without solvents, bleach, and ammonia.

CESAR Simply Crafted

Wet Dog Food

A topper, mix-in or snack made with only 6 key ingredients or less. Real ingredients.

1 in 2 Canadian shoppers say they want to be leaders in reducing their environmental impact; 70% of these shoppers claim willingness to pay a premium to do so.

One in 2 Canadians say they actively look for products that are more environmentally-friendly, yet only 1 in 3 are willing to trade off on product performance for environmental benefits. Fortunately, they often don’t have to: sustainable innovation is represented in 3 in 10 of the 2023 Best New Product Award winners.

“Canadians believe it is manufacturers’ responsibility to make products more sustainable, however they value it when manufacturers do,” says Scrutton. “Consumers are most likely to recognize progress to reduce packaging waste, but ingredient changes that increase both sustainability and performance can be particularly impactful,” he adds.

This year, BrandSpark and the Best New Product Awards responded to the increasing importance of sustainability to consumers and brands by measuring consumer reaction to product innovations that improved sustainability.  Only a small share of new consumer products are defined by a major achievement on sustainability, but many brands are making progressive improvements, with changes in either packaging or ingredients.

“The need for sustainable innovation is clear and consumers are showing a desire to help drive positive change, however it is up to the brands and manufacturers to continue to innovate with better-for-the-environment alternatives,” says Levy.

For the first time, the Best New Product Awards program is recognizing products (both nominees & winners) that feature meaningful sustainable innovation – see list below. These are products that consumers rate highly as meaningful sustainable innovation and which they believe to be more sustainable than typical options in the category. Sustainable innovations seen in these products include zero-plastic, biodegradable or 100% recyclable packaging, reusable containers, concentrated formulas, plant-based alternatives, and responsibly-sourced or natural ingredients.

Best New Product Awards Entrants & Winners with Meaningful Sustainable Innovation, as rated by Consumers (*indicates a product is also a 2023 a Best New Product Awards Winner)

(based on manufacturer information and claims)

ATTITUDE Leaves Bar Body Soap*

See above.

ATTITUDE Leaves Bar Nourishing Conditioner Bar*

See above.

ATTITUDE Oceanly – Phyto-Calm – Soothing Solid Face Cream for Sensitive Skin*

See above.

Better Basics Better Balm*

See above.

Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo Bar*

See above.

Rimmel London Kind & Free Clean, Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara*

See above.

Bonterra Paper Towel*

See above.

Dial Foaming Hand Wash Concentrated Refills Starter Kit*

See above.

Nature Clean Laundry Stain Remover Sheets*

See above.

Royale Original Recyclable Paper Pack, 9 Mega Toilet Paper Rolls*

See above.

Ziploc Endurables*

See above.

ATTITUDE Leaves Bar Body butter

This convenient stick balm melts upon contact and helps soften and smooth dry skin. Comes packaged in a convenient biodegradable cardboard tube.

ATTITUDE Leaves Bar Deodorant

Packaged in a biodegradable cardboard tube. Provides long-lasting protection without aluminum or baking soda. EWG verified.

ATTITUDE Leaves Bar Hand Soap

Designed to reduce single-use plastic waste. These gentle, vegan, cleansing beauty bars are packed with nourishing plant and mineral-based ingredients to leave your hands fresh and clean.

ATTITUDE Leaves Bar Shampoo

Cleanses, nourishes, volumizes, and detoxifies hair without weighing it down. Plastic-free packaging and EWG verified, vegan and biodegradable formula

Bambo Nature Overnight Diapers

Features a wetness indicator that changes color to indicate when a change is needed. The flexible waistband and latex-free leg cuffs help diapers stay in place through the entire night. Made from 100% wind power and certified with the Nordic Swan Eco Label.

Bonterra Bath Tissue

Made in Canada from responsibly sourced, FSC-certified paper, produced with carbon-neutral manufacturing, and wrapped in plastic-free, recyclable paper packaging.

Royale Tiger Towel Recyclable Paper Pack

Strong, soft, and absorbent, and comes in a recyclable paper pack.


Cannabis Testing Market Worth $4.0 billion | MarketsandMarkets™




CHICAGO, May 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Cannabis Testing Market in terms of revenue was estimated to be worth $1.8 billion in 2024 and is poised to reach $4.0 billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 17.2% from 2024 to 2029 according to a new report by MarketsandMarkets™.

The important factors impacting market growth are legalization trends and rising medical applications for cannabis. Rising approvals for medical and recreational cannabis drive the regulations requiring product safety testing which in turn fuel the need for cannabis testing services. Additionally, the rise in the number of cannabis testing labs due to legalization is propelling the demand for analytical instruments is likely to uplift market growth in coming years.

Download an Illustrative overview:

Browse in-depth TOC on “Cannabis Testing Market”
439 – Tables
52 – Figures
378 – Pages

Cannabis Testing Market Scope:

Report Coverage


Market Revenue in 2024

$1.8 billion

Estimated Value by 2029

$4.0 billion

Growth Rate

Poised to grow at a CAGR of 17.2%

Market Size Available for


Forecast Period


Forecast Units

Value (USD Billion)

Report Coverage

Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends

Segments Covered

By Product & Software, By Service & By End User

Geographies Covered

North America, Europe, the Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East & Africa

Report Highlights

Updated financial information / product portfolio of players

Key Market Opportunities

Untapped markets in emerging economies

Key Market Drivers

Increasing legalization of medical and recreational cannabis

Products segment held the highest estimated share of the cannabis testing market.

Based on product & software, the cannabis testing market is segmented into products (analytical instruments {chromatography instruments [liquid chromatography, gas chromatography & other chromatography instruments], spectroscopy instruments [mass spectrometry instruments & atomic spectroscopy instruments] & other analytical instruments} and consumables {chromatography columns, standards and CRMS, sample preparation products and other consumables) and software. The product segment accounted for the largest share of the cannabis testing market in 2023. Market growth is driven by technological advancements providing sophisticated tools for precise analysis, ensuring compliance and quality control, and the expanding legalization of cannabis products. Additionally, increasing requirements for potency labeling and pesticide screening fuel the demand for specialized consumables, further propelling growth in the cannabis testing market. For example, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. launched the Thermo Scientific SureSTART consumables portfolio consisting of vials, well plates, caps, inserts, kits, and mats to improve analytical performance and sample security for chromatography and mass spectrometry users in routine and research labs in clinical, food, pharma, biopharma, environmental, and academic sectors.

High growth of services segment attributed to potency testing services.

Based on service, the cannabis testing market is broadly segmented into terpene profiling, microbial analysis, residual solvent analysis, potency testing, heavy metal testing, pesticide screening, and other services. In 2023, potency testing accounted for the largest share of the cannabis testing services market. The high growth of this segment is due to stringent regulatory requirements ensuring accurate THC and CBD levels. This is crucial for product labeling, consumer safety, and compliance, driving demand from producers and dispensaries seeking to meet legal standards and provide reliable, high-quality products.

Services take away the largest estimated share of the end-user segment.

Based on end users, the cannabis testing market is classified into segmented into product & software end users (cannabis testing laboratories {small-scale laboratories, medium-scale laboratories, large-scale laboratories} and research institutes) and service end users (cannabis drug manufacturers & dispensaries, cannabis cultivators/growers). In 2023, the service end users’ segment was predicted to account for the highest share of the global cannabis testing market. The large share of this end user segment is due to the rising consumer awareness of quality and safety, rising legalization of cannabis, stringent regulatory standards, and technological advancements in cannabis testing.

During the forecast period, North America displayed lucrative market growth.

North America accounted for the largest share of 65.5% of the cannabis testing market in 2023. The North American market is projected to reach a value of USD 2.6 billion by 2029 from an estimated value of USD 1.2 million in 2024, at a CAGR of 17.3% during the forecast period. The region leads the cannabis testing market due to stringent regulatory standards, robust infrastructure, and widespread legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. Additionally, North America’s advanced R&D capabilities and evolving consumer demand for quality assurance drive its prominence in this growing sector.

Request Sample Pages:

Cannabis Testing Market Dynamics:


  1. Increasing legalization of medical and recreational cannabis
  2. Increasing use of cannabis for medicinal applications
  3. Technological advancements in testing technologies


  1. Lack of standardization
  2. Investment risks due to regularization


  1. Untapped markets in emerging economies
  2. Research collaborations


  1. High setup costs

Key Market Players of Cannabis Testing Industry:

The global cannabis testing market comprises many key market players competing for markets shares like Agilent Technologies, Inc. (US), Shimadzu Corporation (Japan), Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (US), Danaher Corporation (US), Waters Corporation (US), Restek Corporation (US), SGS SA (Switzerland), Merck KGaA (Germany), PerkinElmer, Inc. (US), Hamilton Company (US), Sigma Analytical Services (Canada), SC Labs (US), PharmLabs LLC (US), MCS, Inc. (US), ProVerde Laboratories (US), and Eurofins Scientific (Luxembourg).

The primary interviews conducted for this report can be categorized as follows:

  • By Respondent: Supply Side- 70%, and Demand Side – 30%
  • By Designation (Supply Side): Managers – 45%, CXOs & Directors – 30%, Executives- 25%
  • By Region: North America -40%, Europe -25%, Asia-Pacific -20%, Latin America -10%, MEA- 5%

Recent Developments:

  • In September 2023, Shimadzu Corporation launched the Brevis GC-2050 gas chromatograph used in various applications including cannabis testing.
  • In April 2023, SC Labs, one of the leading cannabis testing companies, acquired C4 Laboratories, one of the first Arizona cannabis labs, thus allowing it to be licensed and accredited in five states: California, Colorado, Michigan, Oregon, and Arizona.
  • In June 2022, Shimadzu Corporation launched the AA-7800 series atomic absorption spectrophotometers. The AA-7800 series is used for quality control in the raw material, food, and for inspecting water quality and hazardous substances in soil thus presenting an advantage in heavy metal testing of cannabis.

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Cannabis Testing Market – Key Benefits of Buying the Report:

The report will help market leaders/new entrants by providing them with the closest approximations of the revenue numbers for the overall cannabis testing market and its subsegments. It will also help stakeholders better understand the competitive landscape and gain more insights to better position their business and make suitable go-to-market strategies. This report will enable stakeholders to understand the market’s pulse and provide them with information on the key market drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges.

The report provides insights on the following pointers: 

  • Analysis of key drivers (increasing legalization of medical and recreational cannabis, increasing use of cannabis for medicinal applications and technological advancements in testing technologies), restraints (lack of standardization and investment risks due to regularization), opportunities (untapped markets in emerging economies and research collaborations) and challenges (high setup costs) are influencing the growth of cannabis testing market.
  • Product Development/Innovation: Detailed insights on newly launched products of the cannabis testing market.
  • Market Development: Comprehensive information about lucrative markets – the report analyses the cannabis testing market across varied regions.
  • Market Diversification: Exhaustive information about new products, untapped geographies, recent developments, and investments in the cannabis testing market.
  • Competitive Assessment: In-depth assessment of market shares, growth strategies, and product offerings of leading players include Agilent Technologies, Inc. (US), Shimadzu Corporation (Japan), Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (US), Danaher Corporation (US), Waters Corporation (US), Restek Corporation (US), SGS SA (Switzerland), Merck KGaA (Germany), PerkinElmer, Inc. (US), Hamilton Company (US), Sigma Analytical Services (Canada), SC Labs (US), PharmLabs LLC (US), MCS, Inc. (US), ProVerde Laboratories (US), and Eurofins Scientific (Luxembourg) among others in the cannabis testing market.

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