Trio Sana to Showcase Kollagenix and Frankincense supplements at the Health and Wellness Conference in Orlando March 31-April 3

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Trio Sana will showcase two revolutionizing supplements for joints and anti-aging and the first of high-quality organic essential oils at the Weight Management, Sports Nutrition, Vitamin & Hemp Solutions EPPS conference in Orlando this month.

The event, which is set for March 31-April 3, brings health and wellness brands together for one-on-one private meetings with major retail buyers. Some of the nation’s top outlets will be participating in the conference including CVS, The Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods Market, GNC, Kinney Drugs, and Wegmans.

Trio Sana, a United Kingdom-based company, is introducing three products, two of which are new, to the American consumer:

  • Kollagenix-Sports, which was developed by using Trio Sana’s Natural Nutrient Combination Therapy (NNCT) technique. This process combined marine collagen with the three vital nutrients for the joints and muscles, to work synergistically together which maximizes their effectiveness in injury prevention and improves recovery time.
  • Kollagenix-R, which also employs NNCT, uses marine collagen and combines it with all thirteen anti-aging vitamins to create a supplement that helps slow down the visible aging process effects by ensuring that the “reserve collagen pool” is maintained.

Trio Sana’s flagship product is Certified NOP Organic Frankincense Boswellia Carterii from Somaliland, which is known for its therapeutic health benefits. Recent research suggests that Frankincense may help people with arthritis and asthma, and improve digestion.

“We are looking forward to bringing our health and wellness supplements to the American consumer,” said Peter Cobain, co-founder of Trio Sana. “The timing couldn’t be better because it coincides with the conference this month where we will be able to showcase our products to the major retail buyers in the United States.

“These products, such as Kollagenix-Sports, will help people improve the quality of their lives,” said Cobain, adding that approximately 15-millionpeople in the U.S. live with severe joint pain.

“Our goal is to educate people about taking care of themselves through preventative action before their body breaks down. You don’t wait until your car engine stops to change the oil,” Cobain said. “You need to care for yourself now so you can have a better future.”


SOURCE: Trio Sana